Week 1 – photo challenge

This weeks photo challenge.  36 pictures (no deleting, no enhancing).  1 subject…. a chair.

IMG_2181 Liked the shadows

IMG_2180 Oops to bright for the shadow

IMG_2179 Like contrast of black, white green


IMG_2176 maybe to dark

IMG_2175 Longer exposure

IMG_2174 Least favorite picture

IMG_2172 Playing with light



IMG_2169 Like the crispness

IMG_2168 oooo sun spot

IMG_2167 LOVE the shadow

IMG_2166 Whole picture


IMG_2164 Kind of interesting

IMG_2163 Like the angles on this – TOP pick

IMG_2162 DIfferent light

IMG_2161 LIke this one


IMG_2159 LIght from above left

IMG_2158 LIne on lines

IMG_2157 A little dark

IMG_2156 Tooooo bright

IMG_2155 See my finger

IMG_2153 The chair is there

IMG_2152 chair in the garden





IMG_2146 I need to dust




IMG_2142 Like the lighting – TOP PICK




~ by lthrgirl03 on July 26, 2009.

6 Responses to “Week 1 – photo challenge”

  1. ahhhh im so in love with your green wall color! i love lots of these pictures 🙂 my favorite is the one where you wrote “light from above” by it!


  2. I really like “light from above left”—Number 21, maybe? The first one with the blue sky…very nice.
    I like how many different types of shots you got and how you played with light.

  3. I’m in love with your green wall and red curtain. My favorite is the 2nd from the bottom.

  4. I love love love the chair next to the garden (not in it). I think I would have loved it a fourth time if there wasn’t a house shadow in the frame. 🙂

    Overall, I like that you played with different scenes and lighting. I do feel like each setting had the same set of angles, though. I would have liked to have a varied perspective for each scene.

  5. I think 2152 or 2153 are my favorites. I like the chair in the garden it adds a level of interest to the shot. I like all the variety in the shots.

  6. I love your 3rd photo. I love how the chair stands out against the green walls and red curtains.

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